Food Tour in San Jose – A Gastronomic Experience in Barrio Escalante –

Delicious starter during our food tour of Barrio Escalante of San Jose, Costa Rica
Delicious starter during our food tour San Jose, Barrio Escalante of San Jose, Costa Rica

Our food tour in Barrio Escalante, San Jose, will take you into a gastronomic experience of Costa Rican traditional cuisine prepared with fresh products from the farm to the table. Our chefs will explain you the concept of each dish, as well as the vision and the ideology of their restaurants. This food tour definitely will show you the best selection of restaurants in this trendy neighborhood! When you mix quality, creativity, passion, food and local vibes, the result will always be an unforgettable foodie tour experience.

Itinerary for Lunch time – Food Tour


  • First Stop:

    3 starters, one natural drink made with seasonal fruits and a digestive cocktail. Here you will taste Costa Rican recipes made with organic veggies, fresh fruits and species. 90% of the products come from the local farmer’s market or local artisans. Sauces and seasoning are homemade with natural ingredients.


We will take a nice walk through barrio Escalante to the next restaurant, 10 minutes approximately.


  • Second Stop:

    They will welcome you with an appetizer while they prepare two main dishes, tasting size (equals 1 whole main dish) paired with wine or beer – as you prefer. In this restaurant, you will taste fresh greens, veggies and spices that comes from a farm that belongs to the owners of the restaurant and his family, the farm is located 20 min away of the restaurant and they bring products every morning to their kitchen. They prepare delicious Costa Rican contemporary cuisine and traditional recipes from our indigenous ancestors or our grandma’s cuisine. Get ready to travel back to Costa Rican roots and its original flavors.


We will walk to the next restaurant, 10 minutes approximately.


  • Third Stop:

Coffee tasting and a dessert. We will visit a coffee shop where a specialized barista will explain you the story of coffee in Costa Rica (1 hour coffee workshop), he will show you different coffee brewing methods you will taste three delicious coffee types, and a dessert. In this coffee shop you can buy your favorite gourmet or speciality coffee. Pay attention to the flavors, aromas and special information that our barista will share with you so you can choose the perfect coffee for you. Our barista will prepare a special treat just to get you in the mood for your next stop ;).


We walk to our last stop, 10 minutes approximately.


  • Last Stop:

Mixology workshop, with fresh Costa Rican ingredients. Authentic recipes prepared by one of the best mixologist worldwide Clark Jiménez or Costa Rica’s #1 mixologist Isaac Montero. They will show you some tricks and give you tips to prepare tasty cocktails. Prepare to experience new sensations!


We have this food tour is available at 4:00pm starting with the coffee workshop, starters, main dish and mixology workshop.


If you book a private food tour (2+ people) we can personalize the schedule to your preference.


Please inform us about any food allergies or food restrictions.



The food tour is in San Jose and lasts between 4 – 5 hours, it can be organized for lunch (starting at 12am) or dinner (starting at 4pm). Bring confortable shoes, bring an umbrella (if raining season) and try not to eat too much before the tour, you will taste a lot food!

What’s included:

All the meals and drinks specified in the food tour itinerary plus the workshops with the barista and mixologists + English-speaking local guide.

What’s not Included:

Extra drinks, extra tastings, souvenirs and transportation to meeting point.

Price starts from $135 per person for a private tour (2 people minimum)

To request a quote, and for more information, you can contact us: / Whatsapp: +506- 8844-4301

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